Why Plumbing Is Considered an Essential Service Provider

If you are wondering why Plumbers are considered an essential service provider, you are not alone. Plumbers are often considered critical workers and infrastructure in many communities. However, the definition of an essential service varies from city to city and state to state, so you should check out the product tour to determine what your state has determined as an essential service. Plumbing is often listed as an essential worker and infrastructure in a government publication called CISA’s Essential Workers and Infrastructure.

Plumbers are exempt from stay-at-home orders

The Ohio Department of Health recently issued the Stay at Home Order, which requires residents to remain home and stop all non-essential business activities. While plumbers and building tradespeople are exempt, other professions are not. In Sacramento County, stay-at-home orders entail criminal penalties for violators. Other occupations affected by the stay-at-home order include auto mechanics, laundromats, gyms, and moving services.

They are exempt from stay-at-home orders during a pandemic

While Plumbers in San Fernando Valley were exempt from stay-at-home orders last spring, other industries were not included. For example, auto mechanics and plumbers are exempt in Alameda County, Santa Clara County, and Placer County. Bars and gyms, however, are not. Plumbers and other plumbing services are also not exempt from stay-at-home orders in Sacramento County.

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