The Best Digital Music Distribution Companies

While there are several options when it comes to digital music distribution, some of the best companies may not be obvious. You might consider AWAL, DistroKid, RouteNote, or CD Baby. Each offers different benefits and features by setting up an account. Check out these reviews to learn more about each. And don’t forget to check out the FAQ section for any questions you may have. We hope you find the right company for your needs!


If you are looking for the best digital music distribution platform, DistroKid might be the answer. The service is free for artists, but it does require payment to get certain features. This includes monetization on YouTube and covers art licensing. Additionally, the company also offers a range of paid add-ons, such as use in Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube stories. Although the service is free, it is worth it to spend a few extra bucks for features that will help you earn more money.

CD Baby

While there are many great digital music distribution companies, CD Baby stands out as the most straightforward. The company offers basic features, as well as some optional extras. For example, CD Baby allows musicians to edit their verified profiles without spending days waiting for a response. That is a huge plus for unsupported artists, since many of them don’t have the budget to pay a large fee to music distributors. Furthermore, CD Baby collects royalties and is therefore a good option for artists without much support.


AWAL is the best digital music distribution platform for independent artists. This platform was created to give independent artists access to a major label. Artists can choose to participate in AWAL or not and the decision is up to them. AWAL offers a range of services and benefits for artists, including a publishing deal and analysis tools. Unlike other distribution platforms, AWAL doesn’t charge its artists a fee and allows independent artists to choose which distributor to work with.


If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive way to distribute your music, RouteNote is the right option for you. With their suite of tools, artists can publish and distribute their music online for free and keep 100% of their rights. While other music distribution services help artists get their finished music onto streaming services, they often charge artists for subscriptions and require that they sign over control of their work to the service. RouteNote saw these unfair practices and decided to create their own platform to help artists achieve the best digital music distribution.

Amuse Music

Amuse Music is an app that gives artists the ability to distribute their music to a variety of outlets. It’s free to join, and Amuse is always looking for new artists to sign. If you’re looking for a record deal, Amuse offers a contract covering the majority of the costs, including promotion and marketing, and splits the profits 50/50 with artists. They also keep 100% of royalties from uploaded tracks.


If you’re looking for the best Dallas marketing agency, ReverbNation might be the right choice for you. This site offers a wide range of services for independent musicians, including uploading, sharing, and promoting their music. They have over 150 digital outlets and an extensive database of sales statistics, making it an excellent choice for independent artists. You’ll also have access to value-added services, like a free artist dashboard and promo video generator.


If you want to release your music on the Internet, consider using Symphonic digital music distribution. It can help you distribute your music to a broader audience and make your music more visible. The company also offers free barcode services. To generate these codes, simply fill out an online form. In no time at all, you will have a unique barcode. Symphonic also helps you generate a CD-R or a DVD-R.

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