Apart from the fact that the reason why men hire escorts is to satisfy their sexual desires which they are unable to get from their regular life, there is more. Men need some extra attention from someone attractive, and they are ready to pay a hefty amount for it to the escort services. But what all services do an escort agency really offers when we speak of it as different from prostitution. If you want to hire an escort and you contact one of such agencies, what can you expect from it and how do you ask for different services?

Many of the escort services have a special lingo to communicate the kind of services they offer. This can differ based on your requirements and what the escorts choose to offer. Your options can be based on the skills, age, fetishes, specialities, fantasies, or just on their plain beauty. However, if you want to know all the details about the offered services from these escort agencies, the best way is to know from them. Here is what we know about various services.

Body Massage

The most common service that any such agency will be offering will be body massage. All of your tiredness from the weekly routine and heavy workouts can find a calm and relaxing experience in your body and soul. The escorts will be skilled enough to provide an hour-long massage session to release all the tension from your body and have a level of companionship with someone beautiful.

Natural Intimacy

Of course, you will have the idea that you are not walking with your soul mate and have paid for their time. But, you will be receiving the same kind of attention and care that you can receive with a girlfriend. The escorts provide an intimacy level based on your how far you want to take it. If you are happy with cuddling and talk for some time, the escorts will make sure you get what you asked for.

Provide company

If you have been lonely for a while and have no one to talk to, or you feel there are not enough topics to talk to a woman, the escorts will spend time with you keeping you occupied in exchange of your money. Their sweet and honest discussions can help you come out of your anxiety and loneliness and can teach you how to be more open with women. You can take them out for dinner dates just like how you would take a girlfriend and spend the nicest evenings on the streets holding hands.

Role Play

If you have certain fantasies in your head that you wanted to explore with a woman, the escorts can fulfil that demand for you. They offer what and how you want to lead the evening with roleplay of your preference. You can either give instructions to the agent on how you want the escort to get dressed and what to do on the first contact or you can keep it between you and your partner and have a private fantasy time inside the room.