Since we are in this for the hobby and we breed all the fish we sell, we have very limited supply to offer. Selling our excess stock helps us cover our cost of this great hobby.  Our prepaid waiting list is available for some strains that are out of stock.  You must prepay in order to be placed on our waiting list. Once you prepay you will be locked into the sale and will not be eligible for a refund unless the wait time gets extended more than one month past the the original projected wait time.  This is because we hold the fish for you and if our prepaid waiting list gets to full we turn down other customers, so refunding a prepaid order will not only waste our time, but could cost us a sale to another customer. If you choose not to prepay, you will not get served until we have filled all of our prepaid orders. We will not send notification of a strain becoming available to people who have not prepaid. Please note that you will not be placed on our waiting list until we received your payment. Because of this, if you are slow to pay someone may get ahead of you on the list even though you may have emailed before them. The first person to pay is the first person to get their order filled. If you choose to prepay you will not be subjected to rate hikes for the fish or the shipping. If you are interested in more than one strain, most of the time it is possible to get them shipped all at once. We will evaluate our stock at the time of your request and we will let you know if that will be possible. It all boils down to if we will have stock that is the proper breeding age of every strain you requested at the same time. If you want to get on our prepaid waiting list, email us with what you wish to order.

Prepaid Waiting List
All trios are sold between 3 to 5 month of age!

Email us for ordering at:

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