Half Black Strains
Half Black Purples
10 Months Old
The camera flash is lightening the true deep yellow color of this fish
H/B Purples are probably one or the rarest strains of guppies. Not to many breeders are breeding them let alone ones that are of this quality. This strain I started working with in the middle of 2007. I started to show some during the 2008 IFGA show season and I dominated over my competitors. Both lines will pop out a few Half Black Blues like most other Half Black Purples lines available today. One thing you will notice with this line is that it starts out very dark almost black and lightens as they age. This strain has been very nice to have in my fish room and I have confidence that you will enjoy it as much as I have.  

IFGA H/B Purple Class Champion in: 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2012
Runner Up in: 2014

$45.00 Per Trio

Half Black Yellows
5 Months Old
These fish are in the coloring up process and are showing inconsistence's in color. When they are adults they will have one even color trough the entire caudal.
Through the years, I have won many Best of Shows with this strain. For the past twenty + years, I have been breeding Half Black Yellows I have improved them drastically. Their color will range from a butter yellow to a pastel yellow. These are normally medium to large body fish. These are simply the best H/B Yellows in the world. I currently have the most points in the History of the IFGA in the H/B Yellow class.

IFGA H/B Yellow Class Champion in :
1994,1995,1999,2000, 2001,2002,2003,2004,2007, 2008, 2009,  2010, 2011, 2012 ,2013,2014 & 2015

1st Runnerup in: 
1997 ,1998, 2005 & 2006 

2rd Runnerup in: 
1989, 1990 & 1993

3rd Runnerup in: 1991

$50.00 Per Trio
Sale $40.00 Per Trio
Quality Guppies
 Line A 9 Months Old
This line produces lighter color fish but they also have some transparency.
Half Black AOC's
 Line B 8 Months Old
This line produces less smears of color but the spots are more uniform then line A.
Line B 8 Months Old
This line shows some snakeskin coloring near the head on some males.
Line B 9 Months Old
Line B 8 Months Old
Line A 4 Months Old
This line produces more smears of color, but less uniform spots. This lines does produce way more sops than this photo is showing. The spots color in in as they age
Half Black AOC's are something that we have been working on for many of years. They are something that we never devoted a lot of tanks to really go hard after a class championship, but we expect that to change in the near future.  We have not shown enough males in one show season to win the H/B AOC male class championship since 1991. Over the past few years, we have shown many females and won the H/B AOC Female class in 2010. That goes to show that we only need to devote more tanks to these to do really well with them.

 These were created with Green Lace Variegated Snakeskins, H/B Pastels, Purples and Blues. This strain produces very large body fish. These males have beautiful black/dark blue spots that very in density and can vary in how close together they are. The number of spots also vary. These spots tend to come in as they age so at a young age don't expect to see a ton of spots. Line B  topically has less spots than line A.

The base background color of both lines is white with some males displaying a blue green and/or yellow smeared in. Line A has more of a Blue green hue where line B has more of a Yellow hue, but a bluegreen hue will show up in some line B males. The half black body color on these fish is very dark. They can get so dark it is hard to see their scales. The females of both lines of this strain are some of the most beautiful females you will ever see in any guppy strain today..

H/B AOC Female Class Champion in:2010
1st Runnerup in: 2011
2nd Runnerup in: 1994

H/B AOC Male Class Championship in :1990 & 2014
 1st Runnerup in:1991, 1992 & 2012
3rd Runnerup in: 2005 & 2008

Both lines are in stock
$50.00 Per Trio

Line A 4 Months Old
Line B 8 Months Old
This line has a very dark halfblack body color.
Line B 9 Months Old
 Line B 7 Months Old
This line produces darker color males than line A but are more dense and even in color.
Half Black Blues
This strain I started to create in 2011. I used H/B Blues males from my H/B Purple line and crossed them into American Blues.  These seem to have really good shape on a constant basis. The darkness of the H/B Bodies varies. You will notice some males have a little bit of streaking or spotting in their dorsal. Not every male is like this, but some will have it. The color on the males range from a Royal Blue and a lighter medium Sky Blue. The females get quite big and colorful as well.  If you are looking for some nice H/B Blues then look no further as these are some of the best H/B Blues in the world.

IFGA H/B Blue Class Champion in: 2012 & 2014
 Runner up in 2015
 $40.00 Per Trio
A trio is one male and two females.
All trios are sold between 3 to 5 month of age.
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2009, 2010 & 2012 IFGA Grand Overall Male Champion

IFGA H/B Blue Class Champion in: 2014 & 2015
 $45.00 Per Trio

This line produces really large fish that have really nice color overall compared to most other H/B Pastel lines. These start out like most typical H/B Pastels with a hint of yellow in their caudal and dorsal, but as they age this yellow coloring fades into a pure white. The white is more pure than most H/B Pastel lines you will run across. The video in this copy and past link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RJryOnRxXM is of a few males that are within a few months of finishing up their growing and "whitening up process." The picture below is a tank full of exceptional males from the line for sale from the past.
Half Black Pastels