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Gary Mousseau,

I have been raising and breeding guppies since I was a kid where I kept them for many years and then set them aside to do other things. In 1987, I got back into guppies after the birth of my son Tim. Through the last 23 years of showing in the IFGA, I have numerous Class Championships and Best of Shows. I was named Guppy Man of the year once. I have been in the top 4 Grand Overall Male many of times. I was also recognized as an IFGA Master Breeder in 2005.

The strain that I am well known for is my H/B Yellows. I have the most points in the history of the IFGA in the Half Black Yellow Class. I have the fourth most male points overall in the history of the IFGA. I have held several positions in the IFGA and the Michigan Guppy Breeders over the years. I still show guppies today and I hope to continue to add to my list of achievements in the years to come.
Tim Mousseau,

Guppies have always been a big part of my life. My father got back into the guppy hobby the year I was born, so I grew up around guppies. It is easy to say that guppies are in my blood. I started showing in 2003 after helping out in the fish room while watching my dad raise guppies my entire life.

The strain that I love the most is Snakeskins, but no longer breed is Snakeskins. I have the most points in the history of the International Fancy Guppy Association in the Variegated Snakeskin and Snakeskin Veil Class. I have won 39 class championships, which is the 5th most held by anybody in the history of the IFGA. I have many Best of Shows and have won Grand Overall Male in 2009, 2010 and 2012, which is the most saught after award in the IFGA. 

I was recognized as an IFGA Master Breeder in 2009. I am an IFGA Assistant Judge. I have served as the Vice President, Webmaster, Alternative Delegate and Show Chairman of the Michigan Guppy Breeders.  I have served on the IFGA Master Breeder awards committee and as the IFGA correspondent. I like to give back by volunteering to do jobs that are related to the guppy hobby.  I have enjoyed the time I have had in this great hobby and hope that many years of success are in my future.
2009, 2010 & 2012 IFGA Grand Overall Male Champion