Welcome to the website of Gary & Tim Mousseau! We are a father and son team dedicated to breeding and showing some of the best IFGA guppies in the world. We have a combined forty plus years of experience in the guppy hobby. We show our fish in the IFGA and have done very well with them. If you have been looking to buy some top quality guppies, you've come to the right place. This website will let you get your hands on some of our top quality breeding stock. Feel free to explore our website in your hunt for the best quality show guppies available on the web!
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Strains In Stock
If you do not see the strain you wish to acquire listed here it is out of stock. Some strains do have a prepaid waiting list.

American Purples $45.00 Per Trio
​Green Lace Snakeskins $50.00 for Two reverse trios
Red Albinos $35.00 Per Trio
American Greens $40.00 Per Trio
American Blues $40.00 Per Trio or Two Trio for $70
Bluegreen Moscows $50.00 Per Trio
H/B Blues $40.00 Per Trio
2009, 2010 & 2012 IFGA Grand Overall Male Champion
 If you ever wanted a well balanced diet fish food that will put size on your fish quick we have just the food for you. Now you can feed the primary food that we feed to our guppies called the Mousseau Mix. It's a specially blend dry food that we spent weeks perfecting. The guaranteed analysis is 55% Protein 15% Fat with tons of added Vitamins and Minerals for just the right diet.

The cost is $15.00 per pound. All food is shipped USPS Priority Mail and it must be shipped in a separate box than the guppies. We can ship up to 2 pound for $7.00 and up to 6 pounds for $16.60.